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Eileen Keator's work explores the conflicting existence of a naturalist living a modern American city. For over twenty years she has concentrated on the line between rural/urban spaces.


Eileen's interest in environmental themes is a reflection of her educational and experiential background. Studying in the environmentally challenged area of New Brunswick, NJ, along the diagonal industrial corridor of the New Jersey Turnpike, she had valuable learning, experience, and observations in environmentally distressed areas in which spaces abandoned by people started to be taken back by nature.


Earning a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies with a minor in Art from Rutgers University, Eileen worked towards an MFA degree Photography from Pratt Institute, then earned her MFA degree from Brooklyn College at CUNY.


In 2004 she was awarded a grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council for her work on urban landscapes. Her work has most recently been exhibited at Spark Gallery in Denver, The Big Picture, a poster project in Denver and around Europe, at David Weinberg Gallery in Chicago, and the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO. An image from her series on Manhattan community gardens was shown in The New York Times Lens Blog "Pictured: The World at 7 Billion".

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